The most recognised and trusted fitness brand in the world. Since 1965, Gold’s Gym has been the premier brand name in health and fitness, from its roots in Venice Beach, California to its worldwide presence of 726 gyms across 23 countries, Gold’s Gym helps over 3 million members achieve their fitness goals.

About Golds Gym

Though the gym had a rocky start, the brand has gone from strength to strength. With the Gold’s Gym ethos inspiring people all over the world the popularity of the Classic Stringer Joe gym vest featuring the iconic logo are easily recognised and worn with pride. Gold’s Gym clothing has a well earned spot on the top of the pedestal when it comes to todays bodybuilding and fitness industries. Pan World Brands is building a gymwear collection for Men and Women that keeps close ties to the Gold’s Gym roots, but constructed from modern fabric and fit technologies and the latest styles.

About Golds Gym


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